1890s Pulp Adventure

1 The Giraffe & the Wolf

2 The Haas Boys

3 The Not So Great Train Robbery

4 The Fortune Tellar - Peace Fells the Hand of War - You will never find what you seek - Thoth will show you no light - Life is but a reflection of death

5 Death of a Salesman

6 The Scorpians come to Oklahoma City

7 Forget about it, it's Chinatown.

8 The Minnesota Viking's Rock Problem - The Cave of the Kensington Runestones

9 Delivering a message - The Society for Psychical Research gives them a message to deliver to Chicago, where the show is headed next. - The message is sealed, but contains indecipherable arcane symbols if opened. Reference to "lapis philosophorum" - They will run into HPDS who wants to convince them to join the Order, or at least intercept the package - Plans: - Offer them money($10,000 each), power, etc - Steals item from container - Mugs character and takes it. - insights riot - Offers trade for Cleo's Master - Companions: 2 Thugs 1 Rogue 1 Martial artist? - Last Time(Do Not Read): Edmund Walters and Samuel constructed two replica packages(Art 25) and covered them with a chemical tracer. Hid one amongst the items in Edmund's cart. Put one in a safe in the cart. The original was hidden beneath the floor board (DC 25 to notice). Schwarz met with each member individually. Edmund showed some interest, but ultimately refused. Anne and Samuel both outright refused. William agreed to help the Order,though he knew nothing about the location of the package, in exchange for having his military record expunged, but would take no money. Kwan Lin who is growing apart from the group quickly agreed to acquire the package for the Order, in exchange for aide in finding her master. She stated she would not give them the book until she could validate the information in Chicago. She managed to steal the safe and package from the cart. However, she was discovered by William while opening the safe. William revealed that he was working for the Order as well and that he would help her in exchange for turning the item in together to Schwarz. Edmund has just discovered the fact that his safe is missing.

10 Welcome to Chicago Arrival, the final test - Countdown to the fair - Provide aide to the Librarian. - Someone has gotten access to the secret stacks in the library. They have summoned a group of dark fey(goblinoids) that have setup camp in the stacks near wear they entered our realm. They quickly dispatched and ate the young arcanist who summoned them. They now build up to attack Chicago. They can be forcifully dispacted. the book to summon them can be used to return them to there home dimension, but it lies near their camp. Goblins: Goblin Chief: Librarian: Map of the stacks

11 The Night They Road the Goat - Trip thru the astral plane (everyone gets one point in OBE) - You find yourselves in a room with a heavy oak door on one side, eight lounging couches (p606 9568) line the walls and a large ornamental faux door opposite the main entrance. The door has intricate wood carvings, and mirrored stained glass. - Meet the conductor ( A classic looking devil, Red skin, Small black horns, Pitch fork, finely dressed. A recovering demon herder) - The Rough road - Dark thundering sky - Electric Bridge - The Goat (Nightmare Centipede) - The Guillotine - The Dark Face of Thoth

11.1 I ain't afraid of no ghosts

12 An Outbreak of Alchemy - Mystic China pg 204 - William David Ko, Alchemist (8th level Expert) (Bastard Son of Englishmen and Chinese woman who met during the opium wars). Trained in medicine now uses alchemy to treat patients. - George Mai: Ko's Private Secretary (4th level Enchanter) - Will keep people from disturbing Ko wears glasses. - Bo Nan Mihn: Vietnamese Chaufear, Body Gaurd, Bok Pai Kung fu (4th level Athlete) - "Tony" Wong: Fast Food Delivery Boy (3rd Ace) actually a Tong agent. Reports to and delivers information of Qiang Keng - Amy Xian: Ko's Assistant (4th level Devotee) arcanist of the Order. Reports regularly to the Order via OBE is somewhat aware of Qiang Keng - Mung I Peng: Accountant ( - Dr. Fung Dou Nan: Doctor at a hospital in Chinatown. Gives Ko acces to critical patients -- Lab Cat Jiang (just a cat?) -- Shadowy manipulator (Qiang Keng) (Leong Merchants Association Building - Tong Headquaters in Chicago) --- The Order So Far: Fish people. mysterious clinic, Nan on the night shift. Anne Carter, from the SPR, on the day shift. Nan's body gaurd is suspicious of group. three Tong entered. ONe healed, one has super vision, one is juiced. The group has just uncovered that Amy Xian has visited Nan's Clinic. little do they know she dropped off some refills on potions and took some samples of the dead Tong Agent. After following her back to Ko Chemical, the group has gone back to the society to rest up.

The team has just invaded Ko's Lab. Dave has a collection of potions. Ko's notes and a fake ancient scroll. Walters and Kwon have developed an addiction to the RCBE elixer. Dave and the society have unlocked thoth's link to the elixer's.

Ko's support is going to quickly up his security and recommend he move lab locations. he has the original scrolls and he has only lost a little of his time. He should definetly get to the divine dragon elixer within about a month.

Start with a scene where the priciple member of the society walks in on dave researching and determines the influence of thoth.

Potions (These are all on an ancient chinese scroll that Ko "found" in chinatown): Grand Unity Jade($500 DC16): 1-3: Death 4-20: Full regeneration in 1d6 hours Radiance-Containing Brilliance-Emitting($500 DC16): Effect: x2 PSI +2 DEX +2 AGI Duration: 2d6 Days After effect: x9/10 PSI -1 END Jade Fountain Eye Medicine($500 DC16): 1: Death 2-4: Loss of Eyes (Blindness) 5-20: Darkness Vision Wonderful Metamorphosis : The previous three elixers were ment to wet Ko's appetite for the remaining elixers designed to help Thoth send servants into our world. These servants are fish deamons. thus the possessed exibit traits of there new spirit. None have survived longer than 48 hours after the bonding. This potion probably most reveals the entire plan as is serves no purpose except the transformation. Resurrection Elixer : This potion has been somewhat successful at the merger of man with monster, but the fact that the zombies are under the control of Ko show's it needs work. This is really a rework of the Wonderful Metamorphosis elixer. One more rework will create an elixer that will raise a dead body as a Fish deamon. Aquatic Psychic servitor of Thoth. The rework effect on a living subject would be 1-2: death, 3: Fish Deamon, N: Scale Zombie , Perfect blend Divine Dragon : This elixer will tempt Ko (or anyone who brew's it) to try it immediately. All analysis is that it grants untold power. It will convert the character into an aspect of Thoth. the Aspect will have additional powers (at least 40 ip of Spells, Psychic powers, etc.) but will be at all time dominated by Thoth.

N Who started the Chicago Fire? - Mickey Finn - alchemist and scoundrel - onto a plot of the Order actually just looking to make a score

N We need a shoot out. Save the princess type scenario.

N The Sourdough that ate San Francisco Alchemy + Bread production equals Blob scenario (consult oozes section of monster manual) Someone approaches dave and asks for his help. The sourdough cultures have become to weak against a desease and they want his help Dave can infuse the yeast with healing potions and other alchemical formulas If Dave refuses they will find someone else. Shortly after the show leaves San Francisco they are called upon by a concerned baker with a small "sample" As they return to the city an accident occurs. They will find the left over "runts" in the ruins of the bakery. The Gargantuan Slime will be travelling in plumbing where possssible otherwise subturaeneanly. They must find a way to lure it out into the open and then destroy it.

N Return to Oklahoma City

N Wagner's Lost Opera (Indiana Jones Pg 103) - Wagner's Lullaby (A sleep spell effecting all people who can hear it ) - Wagner's Flight of the Valkyries ( A modified Ride of the Valkyries that opens a portal to a dimension of Vaelk'ri and their undead servitors ) - Maybe a 3rd piece involving Tyrfing - Bavaria - Mad King Ludwig's Murder - The piece is hidden in Neuschwanstein - The professor's gambit - The Black Forest (The Weak Spot) - Nixie/Dryad encounter - The Orchestra

N Chicago 1 year later N The Chicago fair N the murder of mayor Carter Harrison, Sr. - was assassinated by Patrick Eugene Prendergast two days before the fair's closing

N Zepplin could be cool

N The Circus of Crime A competing show that commits crimes - Stage magician - Escape artist - Acrobat - Strong man

N Trip to Cuba

Characters Philipa Santorini - Head Acrobat Pinkerton Man Pinkerton Detective Secret Service Agent US Marshal Order of Thoth Thug Thief Director Mystic Society of Psychical Research The Principal of Chicago The Nurse (Anne Carter) The Librarian (Charles Lhotka) The Custodians The Professors

Monsters The ever expanding Blob Nixie/Dryad

Vaelk'ri Description: Large winged centaur like creatures Abilities: Can adopt human form with a preference for female forms. Anyone killed by or any recently dead body pierced by the Vaelk'ri will rise again as an undead servitor. Flight Precognitive Flashes Motivations: Vaelk'ri fight an eternal war in their home dimension and seek to "recruit" more servitors to fight for them. The best Vaelk'ri will seek out large tragedies in order to collect the recently dead. The worst will cause them. If unaligned Vaelk'ri meet at such a site the battle over claiming victims could last until all the servitors are completely destroyed.

Vaelk'ri Undead Servitors Description: Appear to be normal human warriors, however outside of battle their glassy distant stares reveal their true nature. Abilities: - Retains all knowledge, skills, and abilities they had from life. - A shadow of its former self, Karma, Willpower and related skills all go to zero. - Vaelk'ri will propels the servitor at all times. With only a word from the Vaelk'ri the fallen servitor will rise again to do battle, until nothing of the servitor remains. The Vaelk'ri can also instantly remove the impact of any mind altering effect on the servitor. (Assume as a standard action the Vaelk'ri can issue the order to stand and fight to all servitors with in earshot) - Difficulty forming new memories prevent gaining additional ip or level. The servitor may often even forget the events right before its own death, often thinking it is embarking on the battle in which it first died. However it can recall its life with almost perfect detail no matter the time that has past. - Immortal the servitor no longer ages. In fact, if well fed the servitor may seem to grow younger if old as its body restores itself. - Technically still alive the servitor must eat to maintain its body. The servitor has no desire for food though and may fight on as its body slowly withers away from hunger. The Vaelk'ri need their armies strong so often order them to "feast" on nutrient rich foods, provided by the Vaelk'ri war machine. Motivations: They have complete loss of drive, feelings and willpower outside of what is given them by the Vaelk'ri. Their only desire is to serve the Vaelk'ri that restored them.

Demon Herder Description: Red Skinned, black horned humanoid. Sharp teeth, but generally pleasing of appearance. The relitively slight differnces of appearance make them in some ways even more peculiar. Abilities: - "Pitchfork" Lightning gun - Cast Lightning Bolt (has a Stun Damage setting) - 2d6 Spells Motivations: A lesser devil the demon herder is the lower managment of there part of the hells. They can use there Pitchfork energy weapons to motivate those they wish to make fear them. They are often sent to interact with mortals and usually rely on their charm when force is unable to get what they want. They do enjoy convincing a mortal to make a poor decision.

The Nightmare Centipede Description: A Huge wormlike creature with about a dozen legs, covered in white fur, with Ram's horns. Abilities: Flight Ram Attack Claws (can make 6 such attacks each roud) Constrict Bite Motivations: This creature is liturally the graving animal of hell. It is often used as a pack animal or mount as it responds well to direction from anyone who can pin it. Which though an easy task for devils and demons may prove difficult for mortals. Often refered to as the old goatbecause of there tendancy to eat whatever they can find, and generally bad attitudes.