The Changing Moon

Every 100 generations The moon bathes the earth in the light of the chaging moon. Anyone bitten by an animal that was exposed to the radiation of the changing moon will have there DNA altered to merge with the abilities of the animal.

Two secret societies know about the changing moon and prepare to make the world ready for their view of how it should proceed.

Notes: Animal abilities can be inherited. People with similar animal types will often try to create pure blood lines to help preserve their powers.

One parent's side has animal Abilities 10% child has same animal abilities

Both parent's sides have same animal Abilities 95% child has same animal abilities

Both parent's sides have differnt animal abilities: 20% same abilties as mother 20% same abilities as father

Backup Math

A - Animal X - Don't Care O - Human

Genetic Probability balance equation stable ratios generation to generation. A = P(OO) = 1-B-C B = P(XO) = -2(A-sqrt(A)) = -2(C-sqrt(C)) C = P(XX) = 1-A-B

Human Population AO (<1%) OO (74%) OX (24%) XX (2%)

Animal Population AX (50%) AA (50%)

Animal Parentage 1/16 Human 15/16 Animal AX + AX => AA, AX, AX, XX AA + AA => AA, AA, AA, AA AA + AX => AA, AX, AA, AX AX + AA => AA, AX, AA, AX

A + B Animal Parentage 10/16 Human 3/16 Animal A 3/16 Animal B AX + BX => AB, AX, BX, XX AX + BB => AB, AB, BX, BX AA + BX => AB, AX, AB, AX AA + BB => AB, AB, AB, AB

Animal/Human Parentage AX OO 0 AA OO 0 AX XO 0.25 12% AA XO 0.5 12% AX XX 0.5 1% AA XX 1 1%