Part 1: Geography

Climate & Terrain:

  Unesis is a series of small and large islands. Their is two parts of Unesis their is the part which is outside the outer ring and the part which is inside the outer ring.

Places of note:

Part 2: Ecology & Demographics




  Personality: Gnolls are world renown pirates and smugglers. They have a nack for sailing. They are a race of humanoids who will sail the sea and steal what they want from others.

  Physical Description Gnolls are large, evil, hyena-like humanoids that roam about in lossely organized bands. While the body of a gnoll is shaped like that of a large human, the details are those of a hyena. They stand erect on two legs and have hands that can manipulate as well as those of any human. They have greenish gray skin, darker near the muzzle, with short reddish gray to dull yellow mane.

  Relations Gnolls love to plunder the ships of the Pumas. They have a passion for it. Gnolls also enjoy plundering the ships of Atlaantis for the goods that they carry.

  Alignment Gnolls are usually chaotic evil.

  Lands Gnolls live in the islands of Unesis.




  Adventurers: Gnolls are a very adventurious race. They enjoy the high seas and live to plunder ships.

  Racial Traits

Part 3: Economics

  The gnolls economy is run by their plundering. Gnolls have no real society except for their pirate ways. More then 90% of grown male gnolls are pirates.

Part 4: Politics


  Gnolls government works like the government of a ship. Gnolls spend most of their lives on the high seas.

Law & Rules

Social Classes



First Mate


Part 5: Religion

1: Creation tale:

Part 6: Technology




Part 7: Names

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