Seraphic Domain in the Mountains of Sulerium

Part 1: Geography

  Sulerium is a located in the north east of the outer ring. It is a very mountainous terrain. The temperature is cold on top of the mountains.

Part 2: Seraphs


  Personality: Seraphs have a feeling that they are better than all other humanoids or demi-humans of the world. They see themselves as the perfect race and that they are better than everyone else. Seraphs consider only elves as almost equals.

  Physical Description:Seraphs are a race of winged humanoids who live in the northern mountains. They are a very noble race. Their voices and appearances are very fair and angelic. But they are a very worthy foe.

  They stand to the same height as a human. The wingspan of a Seraph is 7 to 8 ft. The wings are usually colored white to a light yellow. Due to the fact that they fly they have hollow bones. They have hair that ranges from fiery red to a dull bleached blond. They are a race of very slender folks but they are still very strong. They usually both male and females wear there hair long.

  Due to the energy it takes for flight the character to has to eat as much as three times a human his or her size. Their diets consist of breads, fruits and vegetables. They do eat meat but not to the extent that other races do.

  They make their home on top of the highest mountains. They build large towers where the only entrances are at the top of the tower. The Seraphs live in large communities all in the tower it is rare for a seraph not to live in one of the towers except for fallen seraphs. The towers are so tall that they are above the clouds. Travelers to there towers are very rare. The seraphs are a very private people.

  The fallen seraphs are seraphs who have been punished by having their wings removed. Their are two types of fallen seraphs. One is the partial fallen. Since the Seraphs do not want jails or prisons in there towers they found away to rid themselves of unwanted criminals. If they want to banish a criminal for just a while they will remove some of the seraph's feathers from his wings. When the seraph has to walk around on earth like a more primitive race for awhile (until the wings grow back) they are then welcomed back into the community. The full fallen seraphs are seraphs who have committed a crime so heinous that they are banded from the tower for life. In this case the seraph's wings are cut off with an axe. The wings never grow back. This is a fate worse then dying in Seraphic culture. Many full fallen seraphs commit suicide for death is better then walking with the primitive races until death.

  Relations: Seraphs are very friendly with elves. They do however still look down upon the elves because the elves cannot fly and are considered dirty land dwellers. Seraphs have a great hate for the dwarves and orcs. The seraphs want these dirt diggers to leave their mountains. Seraphs look down upon all other races but they do not hate them.

  Alignment: Seraphs are true neutral. They just want to be left alone and to have no one bother them in their great towers in the sky.

  Lands Seraphs live in the highest mountains in Sulerium. They build huge towers on the top of the mountains, the only way to enter these towers are through the top. So if you cannot fly you cannot enter the towers.

  Religion Seraphs do not believe in gods. To believe in gods is to believe that there is someone betters then yourself. Since Seraphs believe no one is better, then them they do not believe in gods.

  Language The Seraphs' language is a very delicate language. It sounds almost like the chirping of a songbird such as a canary.


  Adventurers Seraphs are mainly mages and will adventure to pursue their knowledge of magic.

  Racial Traits

Part 3: Religion

  The Seraphs do not believe in gods. They consider themselves to be the highest form of life in the world. They instead believe in the science of magic. Seraph clerics choose two domains and don't receive the power to turn or rebuke undead.

  Since these clerics do not have any deity they do not have any restrictions to follow or duties to do. They are considered to be wizards who can wear armor and whose spells are not as powerful.

Part 4: Government

  The Seraphs are ruled by The Council of Mages. The Council of Mages consists of 8 mages. Mages are any people who devote their lives to the pursuit of magic. This includes sorcerers, wizards, clerics and druids. Sorcerers and wizards make up the largest bulk of members with clerics not all that far behind. Druids are kind of rare for the council.

  The 8 mages are each represented by a color. The wizards go by their name and then their color. An example would be Liscus the White. The eight colors of the council are: red, yellow, blue, orange, green, violet, black and, white. These mages are each Head Master of a high academy of magic.

  The academies started out as places where wizards went to learn magic and spells. But as time when on the academies started to become political parties. This is when mages who did not need to study to get magic started to join the academies. After some time more and more academies began to arrive. The largest and most important seven academies became what the government was based off of. Each school send their Head Master as their representative and these representatives run the whole Seraphic Domain.

1) Cherubs of the Golden Ring

Color: Gold (yellow)

Spokesman: Raphael the Yellow

Description: This school is concerned with the development of magical items. This school tries to research how to make all different types of magic items. They mainly try to create rings, rods, staves, wands and wondrous items.

Membership: All mages are welcome into this school. The members of this school are medium to higher level characters usually.

New Member Requirement: The only requirement for this school is to have any construct magic item feat and to be interested in using it.

Annual Dues:

Benefits: Mages who are devoted to this school will be sponsored when trying to create a new magic item and will receive large money sums for publishing their findings in the academy's encyclopedia of magical items.

2) Principalities of Alchemy

Color: Blue

Spokesman: Cervill the Blue

Description: This academy is devoted to the research of new potions to be created. The members share ideas on how to create new magical potions.

Membership: All mages are welcome to join this academy. Characters usually range from low level to medium level mages.

New Member Requirement: The only requirement for this academy is the feat brew potion.

Annual Dues:

Benefits: Since most components for the potions are in the school, the mage does not need to pay for any common magical component.

3) Virtues of the Spell

Color: Purple, for the reason that they think they are more noble for the fact that they do not need magic items.

Spokesman: Muriel the Purple

Description: This is a school of mages who do not accept the idea of creating magical items. This academy believes that mages should rely on their spells and not on the use of wands or magic items. The only magic item allowed is scrolls.

Membership: This mages are usually older and higher level then most of the schools. Usually sorcerers belong to this school, but any one who believes in this credo can join.

New Member Requirement: The mage may never use a magical item and if he is found using one he will be expelled from the school.

Annual Dues:


4) Dominions of the Oracle

Color: Orange

Spokesman: Yariel the Orange

Description: These mages specialize in the idea of seeing the future and finding the answer to questions which can't be answered.

Membership: Members are usually specialist diviners and clerics with the knowledge domain.

New Member Requirement:

Annual Dues:


5) Thrones of Necromatics

Color: Black

Spokesman: Nisroch the Black

Description: The members of this academy are obsessed with the idea of death and of controlling death.

Membership: These members are usually high leveled wizard, sorcerers or clerics. The clerics usually have the domain of death

New Member Requirement:

Annual Dues:


6) Powers of the Elements and Nature

Color: Green

Spokesman: Camael the Green

Description: This academy in the past was just the academy of elements. But since Seraphs have been coming druids the idea of nature was added.

Membership: Member range all levels and classes. This is one academy where it is not strange to see a druid in.

New Member Requirement: The mage must be interested in the balance of nature and the elements.

Annual Dues:


7) Archangels of the Martial Craft

Color: Red

Spokesman: Micheal the Red

Description: This school specializes in the making of magical weapons and armor.

Membership: Usually clerics belong to this school because they are able to use a wider range of weapons and armor then the other mages. Usually any wizards or sorcerers who are in this academy have the martial weapon feat.

New Member Requirement: The mage must of craft magic armor and arms feat

Annual Dues:

Benefits: The member of this academy can purchase weapons of superior quality at regular costs.

8) Seraphs of White Wyrn

Color: White

Spokesman: Kemuel the White

Description: This is the oldest of the academies. This is an academy in which any one is invited to become a mage.

Membership: Any one is allowed to join this academy.

New Member Requirement:

Annual Dues:


Part 5: Names


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