Under Unensis

Part 1: Geography

Climate and Terrarin


Places of Note

Part 2: Ecology


Personality: Crabmen are a fairly peaceful race. They believe that people should live in harmony with each other. They are friendly toward vistors but, are still very caustious towards land dwellers.

Physical Description: Crabmen range from 7 to 10 ft. tall. They walk upright on two pair of legs. They have small pincer arms above their legs, which are used for fine manipulation. Then their upper most arms are longer and have large powerful claws. Their eyes boulge out of their head. There exo-skeleton color range from red to a dark brown.

Relations: Crabmen live in eace with most of the submarine humanoids. They are very cautious around most land dwellers however but are still usually very helpful.

Alignment:Crabmen are usually ture neutral, but player characters may choose any alignment.

Lands: Crabmen are the submarine humanoids who live closes to the surface. Most of the submarine races live deep and have littl eot no contact with land dwellers.

Religion: See Religion Later




Racial Traits


Personality: Finbacks are a very aggressive race. They hate most everyone and try to kill and destroy other reaces. They like to plunder ships with an army of them.

Physical Description: Finbacks bodies are shaped very hman like. Their heads are that of a shark though. They have a dorsel fin on their back and their feet and hands are webbed. Their skin is scaly like a shark and the color ranges from black to a light grey.

Relations: Finback hate most other humanoids both land dwellers and sea dwellers. They enjoy hunting crabmen and making them for dinner

Alignment: Finbacks are usually evil, but player characters can be any alignment.

Lands: Finbacks dwell in the deep parts of the ocean. They can not breath air so they must be in the sea for most of the time.

Religion: They worship the kraken as a god.




Racial Traits


Personality: Mermen are very friendly toward land dwellers and sea dwellers. They are willing to work with others. They have a very positive out look on life and are kind and gentle.

Physical Description: Mermen have the lower body of a fish and the torso, arms and head of a human. They wear clothing made from the sea.

Relations: Merman are known to save land dwellers who have fallen from ships. They are also very friendly toward good seadwellers and will destroy evil doers.

Alignment: Mermen are usually good. Player characters can be an alignment though.

Lands: Mermen make their kingdoms in both shallow waters and deep parts of the ocean.

Religion: They worship the leviatian as a god




Racial Traits


Personality: Submariners are considered to be the rulers of the sea. They have huge kingdoms underwater and are a very noble race. They do help the less fortunate and are friendly toward both land dwellers and sea dwellers.

Physical Description: Submariners are built very similar to humans. The differnce is that submariners have blue skin and hair. They have webbed finger and toes. But in almost all other ways they look like humans

Relations: Submariners usually have good bonds with mermen and other good doers of the sea. Submariners do have a hate for finbacks though.







Racial Traits

Part 3: History

Part 4: Politics


Laws and Rules

Social Classes

Part 5: Religion


  :The Kraken is a diety which looks like a squid.The Kraken will one day destroy the whole planet. The Kraken is known for it's destructive power. He is the brother of the Leviathan.

Symbol: Squid

Domains: Chaos, Death, Destruction, Evil, Trickery, Water

Alignment: Any non-good


  :The Leviathan is a diety that looks like a large whale. The Leviathan is the creator of the world and also the defender of it. The Leviathan is the brother of the Kraken. They each are perfect opposites. The Leviathan is the creator and the Kraken is the destroyer.

Symbol: Whale

Domains: Good, Healing, Law, Protection, Strength, Water

Alignment: Any non-evil

Part 6: Technology